‘Several dogs died after swimming in Lady Bird Lake and near Red Bud Isle. Analysts suspect toxins produced by blue-green algae blooms may be the cause.

The city closed Red Bud Isle and has been warning dog owners not to let their pets swim in the lake since early August. City scientists with the Watershed Protection Department are collecting water samples to test for toxins every week, said Brent Bellinger, an environmental scientist with the department.

Algae in Lady Bird Lake possible cause of death for at least two dogs
Bellinger collected the most recent sample on Monday. He’s seeing less algae on top of the water lately, and toxins are tied to the amount of algae alive to produce them. While there might be lower levels of toxins, the department is still finding positive tests and the water is not safe for pets.

Rain could have both positive and negative impacts on algae growth, thus on toxin levels, said John Higley, CEO of Austin-based research company EQO.’

Washing away toxic algae? When scientists say Lady Bird Lake may be safe for dogs
Source: KXAN

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