Local ACC-backed start-up fights the good fight for food safety and more

‘Truth: One of the things that you never want to get, even in our obsessively acquisitive society, is Listeria. “Most people with invasive listeriosis require hospital care,” notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “and about one in five people with the infection die.”

Not a fun time, to say the least. So you’ll want to avoid consuming foods that might contain any Listeria bacteria. But that’s all foods, potentially – and research confirms that those bacteria can survive refrigeration and even freezing. So you’ll probably want to get food from companies that regularly test products for Listeria and other such pathogens, right? To make sure those bacteria aren’t in there? And, following the trail of quality, you’ll want to know that the testing company itself has been certified by some rigorous supervisory organization.’

Austin’s Food and Ag Lab: Keeping Your Meals Safe
Source: Austin Chronicle

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