“Austin startup Nuclein might become known as the company that made an at-home Covid-19 test that’s so easy you just spit in a can, press a button and wait about an hour for results.

But this isn’t the story of a startup built out of the current pandemic. Nuclein was founded back in 2017, when the big threat on our disease radar was the Zika virus carried by some mosquitos.”

“For several years, the small Austin-based Nuclein team has been developing a soda can-sized canister capable of analyzing samples to detect diseases. They invested their own money and returned to the friends and colleagues who had invested in their prior businesses to raise about $2 million in initial funding.

At the time, there wasn’t intense urgency to perfect the product and get federal approval. They completed their prototype around January 2020.

Then, Covid-19 came along.”

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