It’s great to see that the number of people being vaccinated in Central Texas is high and resulting in a significantly lower number of COVID-19 cases. We know that there is still a large number of people who have not been vaccinated and figuring out a strategy for remedying that is imperative. Whether it be inadequate information, misinformation or inability to get to a site, the path to the variants undoing the work that has been done is dependent upon the virus replicating and picking up mutations in the unvaccinated. I hope that my podcast is helping with the information gaps and I’m thrilled that ACC is hosting vaccine clinics to address the access issue. We still have a lot of work to do, especially with getting the rest of the world vaccinated. The situation playing out in India right now is horrifying and heartbreaking. This is a global emergency that needs to be addressed with a global solution.

We are excited to invite you to listen to our latest episode of “Science in the Mall, Y’all” featuring Brian Windsor, CEO of Lung Therapeutics. Lung TX spent time at ABI working on their therapeutics for lung diseases, including a horrific fibrosis disease in which scar tissue forms inside the lungs and is lethal. While we think that Lung TX is doing great work and are proud of our collaboration with them, we also enjoyed hearing how Brian ended up running a drug company and not playing in a rock-n-roll band or owning another restaurant. I hope you’ll listen and see that we’re not the only ones with a soft spot for the role of community colleges.

Nancy Lyon
Interim Director

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