When writers inform readers, the thesis sentences explains what the reader will learn.

Consider the purpose, subject matter, and organization which the following thesis statements present.

  1. Sor Juana de la Cruz was an advocate for women’s rights in the 1600s. (Purpose: informative. Subject matter: The role of Sor Juana de la Cruz. Organizing pattern: description.)
  2. Because physicians overprescribe antibiotics, these drugs are losing their effectiveness. (Purpose: informative. Subject matter: antibiotics. Organizing pattern: cause and effect.)
  3. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a contagious virus which attacks the immune system and leaves the body vulnerable to a variety of live threatening infections, cancers, and ailments which do not cause illness in people with healthy immune systems. (Purpose: informative. Subject matter: HIV. Organizing pattern: definition, description.)
  4. The Austin music scene is growing in three important areas: recording, live music, and musical theatre. (Purpose: informative. Subject matter: growth of the Austin music scene. Organizing pattern: classification
  5. Medical interest in anatomy influenced sculptors and painters during the Renaissance. (Purpose: informative. Subject matter: Renaissance sculptors and painters. Organizing pattern: cause and effect.)
  6. In most cases, pregnancy follows a very predictable pattern over the course of nine months. (Purpose: informative. Subject matter: pregnancy. Organizing pattern: process.)


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