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Interested in a career in Information Technology but don’t know which path is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. Would you enjoy installing computers or supporting an organization’s computer system? Are you more of the creative type? Would you enjoy the challenge of creating or testing code? Designing, developing, managing and supporting computer software, hardware, and networks, are all options in the IT field. Not sure which is right for you? Explore career choices by using Career Coach and FOCUS2 conveniently linked below. You can also contact ACC’s Career Services for additional resources and assistance.

IT Needs Women Like You

According to the US Census Bureau, women make up nearly 50% of the workforce but only hold about 25% of IT positions. Research has shown that a gender-diverse workplace can prove advantageous for a company’s bottom line. What does that mean to you? Companies are looking for women to fill tech positions. Explore the IT careers available by using our interactive tool below and take the first step toward realizing your dream of a stable, well-paying career in IT.

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According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce’s, August 2015 job report, 19% of all available job openings were IT-related – nearly 8,700 postings! You know the job opportunities are out there, but you might not know what a career in IT is all about. The Women in IT program offers certificate and degree plans in many IT career paths: Computer User Support, Networking, Programming & Web Development.

It might not be easy, but once you make the decision to do it, just go and never look back.


Senior Programmer Analyst

Which IT career should you choose?

Apple App Development

Want to build the next great app?

Apple application developers specialize in building software programs (apps) for iOS mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, using Swift programming language with Xcode. They may also test, debug, or update existing apps for usability and optimal customer experience.

Computer Programming

Like solving puzzles and detail-oriented?

Computer Programmers write code, in one of a number of computer languages, for software programs and applications. They translate designs created by software developers into language a computer can follow to perform a specific task. They might also modify, test, or debug code.

Computer User Support

Like solving technical issues?

Computer User Support specialists provide support for computer software and hardware. They may troubleshoot issues for computer users over the phone as a help desk technician. They may also support developers, analysts, and administrators within an organization.


Want to defend against cyber attacks?

Cybersecurity specialists detect, prevent and correct threats to the security of company networks. They implement defense measures such as firewalls and encryption to protect against viruses and cyber-attacks. They might also monitor networks for threats and security breaches.

Data Science

Good at finding hidden treasure?

Data Scientists identify and interpret massive amounts of data from disparate sources to identify patterns which businesses can then use to better target their audiences. Data Scientists might also clean and validate data, and write programs to help data analysts.

Database Administration

Detail-oriented, organized, dependable? 

Database administrators use software to collect, store, and organize a company’s information such as customer records. They ensure the data is easily accessible for company use but safe from unauthorized access. They might also backup and restore data to prevent data loss.

Game Programming

Want to create video games? 

Game Programmers write code, in one of a number of computer languages, to create video games. They work with designers to translate complex ideas into the computer code that runs and controls the games. They may use existing code libraries or write custom code.

Network Administration

Want to build and support networks?

Network Administrators plan, install and support a company’s computer system, including local and wide area networks. They maintain and support servers, desktop and mobile equipment needs. Some Network Administrators may manage help desk operations.

Software Testing

Detail-oriented and persistent?

Software Testers assure the quality of software programs and applications prior to deployment. They create test scenarios to make sure that the software is working as designed. If a bug is found, the software tester will write a detailed report so a programmer can correct the issue.

Web Development

Want to make websites? 

Web developers design, create and maintain websites using authoring or scripting languages, such as HTML5 and CSS. Emphasis on user experience is a top priority. They might also convert text, graphics, multi-media, and/or customer tracking components.

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