Computer Information Technology

Considering a career in Information Technology? Already working in the industry and need to build or update your skills to move up? Austin Community College offers certificates and degrees in many popular, in demand, IT career tracks. Whether your interest is in game or computer programming, solving bugs, developing websites, protecting networks, creating databases, or helping computer users, there is a career track for you. As this fast paced industry evolves, so do our course offerings, degrees, and certificates.

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Computer Programming

Do you like to solve puzzles, and are you detail-oriented?

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Computer User Support

Like fixing things, and helping people solve technical issues?
Graphic of three tiered stack of round disks representing a database

Database Administration

Do you enjoy organizing, and are you cool as a cucumber?
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Web Development

Do you want to build the websites of tomorrow?

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App Development

Know what makes a great app, and like to solve problems?

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Want to defend the internet from viruses, worms, and spyware?

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Data Science

Are you good at finding hidden treasure, and love statistics?
Graphic of a video game controller

Game Programming

Do you want to turn your video game obsession into a career?
Graphic of one larger circle networking with two smaller circles

Network Administration

Are you analytical, and do you like building connections?
Graphic of a magnifying glass and a bug

Software Testing

Are you detail-oriented, and can’t stop until problem solved?

Computer Science & Information Technology Departmental Advising

Did you know that in addition to your ACC Area of Study advisor, you also have access to on-going departmental advising?

Ask a question, explore your options, or check in to make sure you're on track.
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