IT Apprenticeship Program

Austin Community College is committed to training 350 Information Technology (IT) apprentices/pre-apprentices over the next four years. Through a $12 million DOL grant, ACC joins partners San Jacinto College, Alamo Community College, and Dallas Community College in providing apprenticeship opportunities for Central Texas students seeking a career in IT. ACC will be working with area businesses to develop these IT apprenticeship programs. Tuition assistance may be available.

Apprenticeship opportunities include:

  • Application Development
  • Network Support
  • Computer Programming
  • Help Desk
  • Cybersecurity
  • And more
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Want to find out how an IT apprenticeship can help you on your path to a high-tech career?


Want to know how you can develop a skilled IT workforce to grow your business?

Student Information

Apprenticeships in Information Technology

The length of an apprenticeship program varies depending on the employer, complexity of the occupation, industry, and the type of program, but typically last 1-3 years. Some other features of IT apprenticeships include:


Industry-driven, high-quality career pathways where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce.


Apprenticeships focus on mastering specific skills an employer needs within their organization.


Apprentices obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, mentorship, and a portable, nationally-recognized credential.


Experienced mentors provide individualized training and support.

Benefits for Students

Graphic of a paycheck in an envelope
Paid Job
Earn a paycheck from day one, guaranteed to increase over time as you learn new skills
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Hands-On Training
Learn job skills while earning a salary
Graphic of a certificate with a ribbon
Receive an industry-issued credential upon completion of an apprenticeship program
Graphic of a diploma and a graduation cap
Degree Potential
Earn academic credit towards a college degree for the skills you learn during your apprenticeship
Graphic of person on career advancement track
Career Advancement
Leverage your completed apprenticeship to further your career in IT
Graphic of people connecting
Meet people who can help you advance your career today and in the future

Program Eligibility

Applicants must meet all the following requirements to be considered for the program:


US citizenship or authorization to work in US, and 17 years or older


High school diploma or equivalent



 Basic competencies in Information Technology


Enrolled as an ACC student working toward a certificate or degree in Information Technology or Computer Science

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions

What is the time commitment of an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship consists of 2000 hours of work along with related technical instruction, which typically involves 2 courses per semester plus 20 hours of work as an apprentice.

Do you have to be a full-time ACC student to apply for an apprenticeship?

No, as long as you are currently enrolled at ACC and pursuing a degree or certificate in Computer Science or Information Technology, your status as a full-time or part-time student does not matter.

Do you start the apprenticeship while you are in school or after you have graduated?

Participants start the apprenticeship program while in school.  

What is the age limit?

Apprentices must be 17 years or older.  There is no upper age limit.

What level of IT experience is required to apply for an apprenticeship?

All experience levels are encouraged to apply, however, it is recommended that applicants have completed the foundational coursework in either Computer Science or Information Technology.

What credentials are offered?

Registered apprenticeship participants are guaranteed to receive a portable, nationally-recognized credential from the Department of Labor upon successful completion.

Other credentials, including industry-recognized certifications, may be earned in both registered and non-registered apprenticeships.

What does it cost to become an apprentice?

There is no cost to apply to the apprenticeship program, however, participants must continue to take classes at ACC. Participants receive paychecks from their employer during the course of their apprenticeship and grants and financial aid may also be available. 

Do apprenticeships offer medical and dental benefits?

Apprentices usually work 20 hours per week and employers don’t typically pay benefits to part-time employees, but this may vary depending on employer. 

Are there scholarships available?

Participants in the apprenticeship program may receive a scholarship in the amount of $1,650 to be used for tuition.  

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