Computer Science

Looking for an affordable pathway to a 4-year Computer Science degree? Austin Community College offers two Associate of Science transfer degrees in Computer Science. These degrees were designed to prepare you to transfer to a Texas public university or college as a junior. Starting at ACC saves money and enables you to get your general ed requirements out of the way while enjoying small class sizes, flexible schedules, and a supportive environment.

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Computer Science Transfer Degrees

Computer Science, AS Degree

Prepares the student for transfer to a four-year university bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. You will need to take Calculus I and Calculus II to fulfill the math requirements of this degree .

Computer Information Systems, AS Degree

Prepares the student for transfer to a four-year university into a Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree with Management Information Systems (MIS) or Computer Information Systems (CIS) concentration.

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graphic of second half of CS program track - earn a degree and transfer to university

Computer Science student, Nancy

NCAS Students on NASA launch tower

Rocket Engine

NCAS students at NASA

Thanks to Dr. Ku, I learned of an internship opportunity at NASA specific for Community College students. The program is called NCAS and involves participating in an online curriculum from which top-scoring individuals are selected to participate in a five-day on-site experience to meet NASA engineers and scientists.

The experience also includes a competition consisting of building a rover capable of completing an obstacle course on a simulated Mars landscape. I was at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi for this portion, and it’s possibly among one of the best life experiences I have had.

Nancy, ACC student
Majoring in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

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How long have you been at ACC?
I have been a student with ACC since 2010; at this time I was taking dual-credit courses in High School for college credit. I continued taking ACC classes for the first two years of my first Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, which I finished in 2014. Since then, I have been taking additional classes for dual degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

What degree are you pursuing?
I am currently pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Electrical engineering with plans to work my way towards a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. As a full-time worker outside of classes, ACC has allowed me the flexibility to accomplish these goals while maintaining a work-life balance.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to continue my education at A&M while participating in internships relevant to my field at the Johnson Space Center. It is my hope that this trajectory will help me pursue employment with NASA post-graduation.

What obstacles did you have to overcome while pursuing your degree?
Without a doubt, the greatest obstacle I’ve faced while pursuing my degree is working a full-time night-shift job while maintaining competitive grades for future enrollment into selective programs. I don’t think I would have been able to make it this far without the flexible schedules and high-quality instructors that I’ve encountered at ACC.

What is your best advice for someone considering enrolling in Computer Science & Information Technology?
As an Austin native, I’ve watched a growing need for skilled programmers and IT specialists develop over the past 10 years. It’s a diverse field with great prospects in this city (and out of it). My advice to anyone thinking about enrolling would be to take that first step. Even if it’s one or two classes to “test the waters”, the best way to find out if you’re right for this field is to take action and get started on your new path!

What are some of your hobbies?
I’ve always been an artsy person; whether it’s painting, drawing, leatherworking or sculpting, I can lose myself in creating a new piece. Admittedly, I think that these hobbies affect the way I approach programming. I have a tendency of viewing my code as a piece carefully molded to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Can you tell us anything else that is unique about your experience at ACC?
As a student of a four-year university and ACC, I feel like my experiences at ACC are what have shaped me the most as a professional and individual. Every professor I have studied under has had real-world experience that they have shared in their classes. I can’t emphasize the value of having a mentor that can guide you as you work towards getting that first job in the field of your interest.

One of my best experiences has been as a student of Dr. Ku’s. Not only would he give us real-word examples of the concepts he was teaching in his classes; he would treat the classroom as an open discussion that created an atmosphere of camaraderie between myself and my peers. We all had a great rapport with him and were able to absorb more information because he engaged our individual interests and related them to the material being taught. He introduced us to an internship opportunity with NASA which I excitedly applied to and was selected for! Without the support and encouragement I received from Dr. Ku, I don’t think I would have made it this far.