Computer Programming

Computer Programmers write code, in one of a number of computer languages, for software programs and applications. They translate designs created by software developers into language a computer can follow to perform a specific task. They might also modify, test, or debug code.

Computer programmers skills:

  • Use computer languages, such as C++, Python, and Java, to write code for software and applications
  • Analytical and problem solving ability
  • Able to stay on task, meet deadlines, and work on teams

Computer Programming Certificates and Degree

Computer programming awards were designed to stack. Start by earning your Occupational Skills Award in as little as one semester as a full-time student. Continue on to earn a certificate in C++ or Java, in as little as one year, then complete your Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Programming.

If you want to go even faster, you can earn some of the certificates through the APT (Accelerated Programmer Training) program, which enables you to complete courses online, at your own pace. Certificates available through the APT program are highlighted in orange, below.

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Occupational Skills Award (OSA) *

Computer Programming OSA features four introductory courses in computing, programming, and networking
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C++ Certificate *

Database platforms, operating system and advanced programming, C++ track

Java Certificate *

Database platforms, operating system and object-oriented programming, Java track

Database Certificate *

Certificate designed for entry level database administration position
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Computer Programming, AAS Degree

Degree designed for an entry-level programming position

Computer Science & Information Technology Departmental Advising

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