Research. Design. Test. Launch.

Each phase of the web redesign project includes the following steps: research and discovery, planning, design, testing, and always improving.
Sept. 2016Site analysis
Sept. 2016Create Web Design Advisory Committee
OngoingCompetition analysis
Oct. 2016Develop project brief
Nov. 2016CRM "Recruit" implementation
Nov. 2016 Content audit
Nov. 2016Areas of Study program content survey
Nov. 2016Purchase and implement Career Coach
Dec. 2016Finalize redesign goals
Jan. 2017Identify content types
Jan. 2017Create working web team
Feb. 2017Finalize Web Style Guide
Feb. 2017Complete content strategies
Feb. 2017Current student I/A
Feb. 2017Prospective student I/A
Feb. 2017Homepage wireframe
Feb. 2017Career Coach mockups
March 2017Wireframes for each content type
March 2017 Develop Drupal and WordPress themes
OngoingCoding & front end development
OngoingContent gathering
March 2017Launch project microsite
March 2017Content migration
March 2017Post FacStaff Digest story
April 2017Send email announcement
April 2017Homepage "beta" launch
Ongoing User testing
OngoingSubject matter expert review
July 2017Begin student content migration.
August 2017Complete student content migration
September 2017Begin full public beta preview
September 2017Final Full Site Beta: Full stop on all changes
September 2017Begin phase 1 of Go-live
October 1, 2017Begin phase 2 of Go-live: Homepage cutover.