ACC Implements new Payment Deadline

Story by: Nalani Nuylan

Austin Community College will implement a new tuition payment deadline in Spring 2020. This new system eliminates confusion and to help students save their money. Here is the need to know information regarding the new payment plans.  

Students registering on or after January 6 will need to pay their tuition by 11:59 p.m. on the same day the student wishes to register for classes. That means you’ll need to make your tuition payment or establish a payment plan the same day you register in order to secure your spot in the desired class. Continuing Education classes are not affected by Same Day Pay requirements. Spring 2020 payment plans are available now through January 31, 2020. Students registering after January 31 will need to pay their tuition in full on the day they register. 

If you are late on your same-day payment students will get a $20 fee for each late payment and a student hold is placed on your record until the debt is paid. Unpaid payment plan accounts may be sent to an outside collection agency. Students are responsible for any collection costs and attorney’s fees associated with the collection of the account.

Students can pay online with a credit card, debit card or e-check, in person at the Cashiers Office or by mail before the payment deadline. With mail, send a check or a money order. DO NOT send cash.

Financial aid is still available for students who submit the FAFSA. However, it is still the student’s responsibility to pay for the difference in your tuition or you may get dropped from your classes.     

This system benefits students because the first tuition deadline occurs closer to the start of the semester, so students have more time to arrange payment and/or establish an interest-free payment plan, starting with a downpayment of 34% of the student’s tuition like before. Daily – Same Day Pay – deadlines begin after the first deadline in order to eliminate the confusion of when to pay and allows students an opportunity to claim open seats in classes that would have appeared unavailable.

For more information go to ACC’s Tuition Payments and Deadline page here.