Death Rights

Chloe Kwak, Contributor 

When 29- year-old Brittany Maynard spoke publicly about the decision to end her life due to terminal illness, Death with Dignity Laws gained national attention.

Maynard, who died Nov.1 with medical assistance, moved to Oregon because of its Death with Dignity Law. The law allows terminally ill residents access to prescription drugs that induce death.

Texas does not have a Death with Dignity law.

“Texas is so far away from even starting a conversation like that, I don’t see that happening in my lifetime,” ACC nursing professor Sandra Yaklin said.

Texas has the Advance Directives Act of 1999, also known as the Texas Futile Care Law.

The law allows a healthcare facility to discontinue life-sustaining treatment ten days after giving written notice if such life-sustaining measures are deemed futile by the treating medical team.

Texas conservative nature and possible overlap with the Futile Care Law are possible reasons Texas may not pass a Death with Dignity Law.

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