News Brief: Learning Lab Tutors Prep for Spring Sessions

Story by Adriana Donati, Reporter

Learning Lab tutors sharpened their skills and gained new insight at the 14th Annual Learning Labs Tutor Conference on the Eastview Campus in February.

Courses designed to foster professional development provided tutors with instruction in subjects such as “Correcting Errors: Ethical and Pedagogical Concerns for Writing Tutors” and “Metacognition and Student Success.”

Round Rock’s lab manager and former tutor Will Zech said learning labs are one of the most important ways that ACC helps students change their lives through education.

“[The learning lab] provides a support system for what ACC is selling,” he said.

Learning labs are located on all eight district campuses and available to currently enrolled ACC students.

Equal parts tutoring den, resource repository, computer lab and salon, the labs are a hub of activity.

The labs’ relaxed atmosphere and low din provide a more informal environment for studying than the church-like quiet of the library.

Tutors offer help for just about every course at ACC, from biology to accounting, free of charge.

Computers are available for writing papers, researching projects and internet browsing, while conference rooms are open for study groups. Textbooks, calculators and reference materials can also be checked out with a current ACC student ID.

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