Photo Blog: SXSW Alternative Views

Photos by Jacqueline Torres, Photographer

Austin is a hotbed of activity and interesting characters during SXSW 2013.

VISITING–Each year SXSW brings people from different cities, states and even countries. Diana Garcia, a Mexican actress/model, participated in HGTV’s Art on the Side event March 12.
UNIQUE FASHION–During SXSW, many dress in eye-catching attire. On March 12 Alexander Antebi (a.k.a. Conquistador) caught the eye of many people. When asked what inspired his outfit, he handed us a card and pointed to the quote “I PUT THE FIST IN SOPHISTICATED.”
ON TOP–Guitar Shawn uses his van as a makeshift stage during SXSW. Shawn played decorated his van with various stickers, paint, and quotes like “Never forget” and “It’s OK.”
GORBURGER SHOW — Characters from Gorburger, a Youtube based show, add to the weird vibe at SXSW. The show is about an alien that invades and takes over a Japanese news network show in order to host his own talk show on which he interviews various celebrities.
GLUM CROWD–On March 14, the majority of the crowd stood with glum expressions on their faces at the inside portion of the Pitchfork Day Party.
IN THE SPOTLIGHT — Chaz, also known by his stage name Toro Y Moi, performs on the inside stage at the Pitchfork Day Party. Chazwick Brandley Bundick is an American recording artist and producer who recently released his new album, Anything in Return.
YOUTH LAGOON–Trevor Powers is an American musician who has been creating music since 2010. Also known as Youth Lagoon, Powers was the last to perform on the outside stage of the Pitchfork Day Party.
ENDLESS LINE–People stand in line to enter the Fader Fort presented by Converse. On March 14, artists such as Future, Solange, Trinidad Jame$, and more performed at the Fader Fort.
LOVEHOME–SXSW attendees decorate a building located across the Convention Center. On March 12, HGTV used the activity to promote their new #LoveHome campaign where viewers tweeted pictures that represented their favorite spring moments.

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