Photo Blog: SXSW Interactive: NASA Exhibit

Story by Carizma Barrera, Reporter

South by South West Interactive brought gamers, scientists and spectators of the unique together at the James Webb Space Telescope showcase.

The telescope’s large mirror and tennis-court-sized sun shield are too large to fit onto a rocket in open position. They will be folded for transport and then opened once the telescope is in space.

In addition to the actual telescope, presentations from NASA engineers and walls of interactive touch screens with pictures and graphs provided insight into outer space and the space program.

Parking was the one downside to the exhibit. The Long Center parking garage filled up quickly and shuttles were reserved for badge holders. Once parking was found, the walk left us breathless and in search of water fountains. There were none — only $3 water bottles. But the experience was still worth it.

The exhibit is free of charge and displayed on the Long Center’s back lawn until March 10. The telescope will be sent into orbit in 2018.

Interactive globe
PLANETARY ARRAY — An interactive globe shows the planets of the solar system. Different planets could be displayed by using the touch screen.
Interactive screen
YOUTHFUL EXPLORER — A young visitor manually controls the planet of her choosing. The interactive screen displayed the planets and dark matter of our solar system.
NASA engineer making presentation
EXPERT EXPLANATION — A NASA engineer demonstrates the “creation of life” in a galaxy far away.
Planetary display board
COMPARISONS — The earth is compared to other planets on this illuminated display board.

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