Review: College Eats: Fishey Bizness

Story and Photos by Keri Gabriele, Photographer

Fishey Bizness Seafood Company serves standard, seafood-shack fare. The food trailer welcomes customers with picnic tables and brightly colored umbrellas.

Fish and shrimp, both fried and grilled, are the stars of the menu and hush puppies and fries round out the food truck’s offerings.

Tacos are served with a slice of lime, creamy tartar sauce and a house sauce simply called zesty.

The fish or shrimp come wrapped in corn tortillas with tomatoes, tangy onion and crisp, green romaine lettuce.

The fish fillet took up most of the tortilla. It was crunchy on the outside with a flaky, buttery inside.

The tartar sauce was tasty but unnecessary, because the fish was flavorful on its own.

The shrimp was also enjoyable, with the same texture. Adding the zesty sauce balanced the flavor, but a few more shrimp would have been nice along with a cup of pico de gallo.

The menu consists mostly of combo plates which average about $9.  Although the tacos are listed as combos, they can also be ordered a la carte. At $2 a piece, ordering items individually is definitely a good option for the thrifty college student.

The drink selection was limited to fountain drinks and water.

Fishey Bizness Seafood Company is located in the new food trailer park on Oak Hill, just before the Pinnacle Campus at the Y. It’s open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is closed on Sundays.

Seating area
WEATHER PROOF — Tables, colorful umbrellas and space heaters allow dining year round.
Fishey Bizness food trailer
SEA FOOD — Fishey Bizness serves seafood near Pinnacle Campus

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