Riverbat Ambassador of the Year

Riverbat Ambassador Brittany Gonzales

Student Life as an Ambassador

“People peep their heads in but won’t come in, so that’s one of the things I’m still trying to make happen, having more people in the office. We have game days and food so it’s welcoming for everybody. Sometimes we have this cart that we go around with food and try to talk to them about whatever event.”

Why be a Riverbat Ambassador?

“It’s worth it, it’s fun. It helps you stay focused in school because you’re in school while doing it. It’s a good opportunity to grown and learn more about yourself and other people.”

Gaining Skills

“I wanted to expand my communication skills and this has helped me.”

Memory Lane

“My favorite memory would be Riverbat Bash week. it was fun and inspiring because we got to do a lot of things for the students and it made them happy and comfortable. That was our main goal. Everyone was dancing and having fun.”

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