Restaurant Review

Adriel Vigo, Contributor 

Sawyer & Co. :
4827 E. Cesar Chavez Street

For those craving a taste of Southern Louisiana, Sawyer & Co. serves traditional favorites like jambalaya, crawfish and corn bread.

Less than a 15-minute drive from the Eastview and Rio Grande campuses, the restaurant is also accessible by Capital Metro buses.

Although Sawyer & Co. serves the standard fare of burgers and salads, the daily specials such as the chicken and smoked sausage jambalaya are among the most popular menu items.

Full of flavor and soft in texture, the jambalaya is a filling dish. Only slightly spicy, it’s an easy introduction for Cajun food novices. The mashed potatoes are soft yet firm and served with Cajun gravy and steamed broccoli.

The fried pickle appetizer with jalapeno sauce is crunchy, tart and scrumptious.

ACC student Nick Lorenzen, who ordered the catfish special with french

fries and broccoli, said he is generally satisfied with the food and prices, although, “the catfish can be mushy at times.”

The restaurant provides a menu with a wide selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with breakfast being served all day.

Although the outside of the restaurant gives off a sleek and modern appearance, the interior has a retro feel.

A 1950s-style TV runs a loop of black-and-white footage from the ‘60s featuring familiar faces such as John F. Kennedy, while Bill Haley & His Comets can be heard in the background.

Booths and chairs under a covered pavilion provide a pleasant alternative to indoor dining, especially when the central Texas weather is moderate.

Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant. The authentic Cajun and southern food, affordable prices, friendly wait staff, retro feel and proximity to campus make Sawyer and Co. a convenient option for students.