Concealed Carry, Open Controversy

Story by Christian Santiago, reporter

This past summer, the Texas legislature passed S.B. 11. The republican sponsored bill allows those with a concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a concealed handgun on universities and community college campuses throughout the state. The issue of firearm possession is debated across the U.S., and some states have been cracking down on laws regarding firearms.

New Jersey does not allow handgun possession without a license and California requires the purchase of firearms from licensed dealers. Texas, however, is moving in the opposite direction with the passage of the new campus-carry law which takes effect in August 2016 for universities, and August 2017 for community colleges.

In an email from ACC’s Office of Public Information and College Marketing, Antonio Lujan said that ACC takes the issue of guns on campus seriously.

“We will work together with various key individuals including the ACC Police Department to abide by the new law, while protecting the rights of our staff, students and community.”

Lujan said that ACC will look to how the University of Texas will enact their policy since community colleges have more time to construct theirs.

“The goal is to ensure the safety and security of everyone at the college’s facilities.”