A Surreal Steve-O

Story by Christian Santiago, reporter

In lieu of recording his Showtime comedy special at the Paramount Theater on November 21, Steve-O of Jackass fame took some time to speak with Accent to answer a few questions.

Accent: What inspires you? What’s the inspiration for the things that you do?

Steve-O: “My main inspiration is the fact that I am an attention whore. I’m also a sensitive guy, it’s important to me to be impressive.”

A: As a stand up comic, are there any other comedians that you look up to?

S: “Dane Cook was a big deal for me. He put the wind in my sails early on. Beyond that I generally don’t model myself after anybody. My experience in life as a drug addict, alcoholic, sex addict, and as a maniac is where I draw my material from.”

A: Your fans have grown to love you by watching you go through some sort of pain or get sick by your own stunts. What is it like to have so many fans that love to watch you go through that?

S: “I don’t feel like my fans are sadistic, I just feel like there is an inherent compulsion for people to stare at accidents and be comforted by the misfortune of others. I think Jackass was about manufacturing accidents for this reason.

A: What motivated you to work with and promote the efforts of the David Lynch Foundation including starting a fundraiser?

S: “David Lynch teaches transcendental meditation. The program that I am raising money for is to bring this [program] to inner city youth. I have been practicing transcendental meditation for two and a half years and it’s really helped.”

A: How did you come up with the seaworld protest?

S: “The whole thing was really random. My buddies and I were looking for cool stunts to do with drones, but I thought it would be a really cool shot to bring a killer whale, and it would be a great publicity stunt for bringing attention to Sea world”

A: You’ve gone from home movies, to TV series, to feature films. You’ve published a book, and you’ve garnered a following on your Youtube channel. What’s your favorite medium to work in? And If you had a choice, how would you like to continue entertaining your fans in the future?

S: “I love it all, and again, thats because I’m an attention whore through and through. Right now I am looking to make my own movie and I have a great idea for it. That and my stand up is another thing I am working on. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to come to Austin and perform. I feel like this is my opportunity to really break through. I love Austin, and this is going to be the best show [The Paramount] has ever had.”

Steve-O is extending a special invitation to ACC students. Purchase your tickets online at tickets.austintheatre.org, use promo code “jailed” to get a discount on your purchase. 

Secured Schooling

Story by Christian Santiago, reporter

Jeanne Clery did not know anyone else was in her dorm room. She was killed by a fellow student on April 5, 1986 at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

Her parents learned that the university had not informed the students of the 38 crimes committed on campus the previous years. In light of losing their daughter, the Clerys worked towards having a crime reporting law enacted. With the adoption of the Clery act, all universities and colleges across the nation are required to release a complete, annual report of all crimes committed by students, faculty, and staff.

ACC released their report for 2014, outlining the jurisdiction and methods ACC uses to protect its students and employees such as around the clock use of ACC police on all ACC properties under its control.

The report mentions the use of background checks on all students, faculty, and staff member during their individual application process.

ACC holds strict policy guidelines involving those convicted of sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. A list of all registered sexual offenders is available on the ACC Police Department’s website.

ACC holds annual security awareness and crime prevention events, encouraging all individuals to report crimes to ACC police. Retaliation against any person reporting a crime is prohibited.

ACC complies with guidelines established by federal, state, and local laws in regard to the illegal use of drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol counseling is available to students and staff. Drug and alcohol awareness week, also known as Red Ribbon Week, takes place on October 23- 31.

Crimes reported on ACC properties in 2014:

5 reports of domestic violence

1 report of dating violence

3 reports of aggravated assaults

2 reports of robbery

13 reports of burglary

4 reports of arson

1 report of motor vehicle theft

1 weapons offense

5 liquor offenses

48 drug offenses