Student of the Year: Amber Rodriguez


Starting Classes

“I recommend bringing a planner or creating some type of schedule. It could be as simple as writing down your class schedule for a week and whatever you work. For me, I have to have hours down in the day like ‘what am I doing this hour?’ It helps remind myself that I do have time here and not there”

Staying Strong

“‘Don’t be a fool, stay in school’ is a  motto in my household. I love going to school, it’s inspired me to want to learn more. I’ve always been kind of the odd ball in class.”

Working in Student Life

“I networked so much and was able to create a lot here at my time in Student Life… I did come out a much stronger and much more confident person because of it. I don’t know how to thank everybody for how much I’ve learned here.”

Future Self

“I want to be in the Computer Science field, because that’s the future and I want to be part of it. My one goal is to find a job I do really love and do enjoy.”

Why School?

“ACC is cheaper to take classes. Higher education is the key to success. I know from my parents, they didn’t get past high school and they had dreamed of going to college…I hope students see there is a lot of opportunity getting a higher education.”

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