ACC Art Department’s Melanie Hickerson has an exhibition coming up at Lydia Street Gallery. The Artist Reception is this Friday, (8/12) from 7pm – 10pm.

More information is below:

Melanie Hickerson’s “Ribbon of Life” & Benné Rockett’s “Repairing Nature”

Hickerson & Rockett may seem an odd pairing, but connections abound in subject & intent. Both artists share a desire to inspire, heal, question our paths & decisions. But we have two entirely different exhibits here. Hickerson’s impossible landscapes created with her iconic vivid strokes, evoke dreams, past & future tales & are grounded in environmental & societal concerns. Rockett’s imagery, using actual plants (imaged, dipped, literally “repaired”), silhouettes of the natural world, gold disembodied hands akin to Incan relics, use the tableau in a formal manner, showcased for our awakening. In their perfect worlds, we will arise, repaired, changed, renewed.


Melanie Hickerson received her MFA from the University of Texas in Austin, TX, in 1985. She is an
experienced artist whose work is in the permanent collection of The University of Texas at San
Antonio plus many private collections around the world. Ms Hickerson continues to actively exhibit
and execute commissions.
She has lived and worked in Rome, Italy; Berkeley, California; New York, New York and Austin,
Texas and has traveled broadly. Ms Hickerson had two one person exhibits at Ceres, NY, NY in 1993
and 1996. Ms Hickerson now lives in Austin, Texas. Her work has been exhibited at the Austin City
Hall In 2011, 2015 and 2016.
Panel Moderator, “Defining and Developing Women’s Iconography”, WCA National Convention,
Philadelphia, PA, February 1997 was one of her favorite experiences.
Guangzhou, China, she says, is the most “foreign” place she has visited.

Exhibitions run from Friday, August 12th – Thursday, September 15, 2022

Reception Friday, 8/12/22:

Meet the artists at the reception 7-10 pm. Misting fans & drinks in our rear lot. Bring your mask because you are a good steward in these complicated times.

Lydia Street Gallery

12 East 11th Street, Suite 109, Austin, Texas 78702

Gallery Hours: 12 – 5 PM, Saturdays and Sundays

or by appointment weekdays. See website for details. <>

“My mom always said leave a place better than you found it. That includes this planet. Visual art can contribute information, entertainment and wonder. The social nature of our species benefits from such objects and energy being in this world.”-M J Hickerson



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