Celebrating Our First Annual Summer Music Intensive

The ACC Music department hosted the first summer camp, ACC Summer Music Intensive:New Asian Music Camp (featuring The Woven Sounds) from June 5th through 9th. Led and taught by ACC’s esteemed faculty members and guest artists, this camp was designed to celebrate the Asian musical heritage and its harmonious integration with the Western classical music tradition with talented young musicians in the greater Austin area. During the camp, students explored music composed by Asian contemporary composers in addition to the standard western classical repertoire. Moreover, students participated in cultural workshops led by expert musicians to explore Indonesian Gamelan and Indian Carnatic music. Students had first-hand experience playing on traditional Gamelan instruments and learned how to sing in Indian Carnatic solfege.

In addition to the practice and coaching sessions, students learned to take ownership of music at the theory and composition classes. Writing and arranging music was a rare experience for many of them. Under the guidance of Dr. Steven Sodders, students paired up to work on Asian folk tunes of their choice, then performed for each other upon completion. Everybody had a great time. Camp was concluded by the Chamber Music Concert on Friday afternoon where all the camp faculty and students showcased their talents and newly-learned skills.

One of the primary goals of the camp is to provide students with an opportunity to further deepen their global view of equity, diversity, and inclusion through music. We are incredibly grateful for the ACC Equity Council Mini-Grant and ACC Innovation Grant, as they have made this camp possible. Their generous financial support has truly made a difference in empowering and fostering a more inclusive musical experience in young musicians. We extend our deepest appreciation to them for their invaluable contribution.

Summer Music Intensive will return in the year to come- stay in touch and learn more at


Photo and authorship credits: Peir-Shiuan Tang

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