News from RTF – New Staff and Faculty/ Staff Awards

New Staff

RTF Welcomes our new administrative assistant, Kayla Perez, who brings with her practical experience from both AISD and COA.

Kayla will work across RTF and ATI departments (The Audio Technology & Industry department, formerly known as Music Business Performance & Technology). Her email is: [email protected].

Congrats and thank you Sangeetha Krishnan for all of your work for RTF/ATI and your new gig as Senior Administrative Assistant to the division!

Faculty/ Staff Awards

BRIAN URBAN was elected from his fellow Texas engineering peers to receive the 2023 Stephen H Schott Excellence in Radio/TV Engineering Award at the Texas Association Engineer’s Dinner in Austin this Summer. Recipients demonstrate excellence in radio engineering with decades of service to Texas engineering, the ability to pass down their knowledge to others and quite truthfully the honesty that our friend Steve stood for.

Photo credit: Brian Urban

JAMES FROESCHLE won in the Drama category with his feature script, For Billie, in the Dallas International Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

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