Creative writing isn’t just the writing you see in novels and poetry collections. It includes almost any form of writing you can think of, from memoir and children’s literature to playwriting and screenwriting. Not only do we offer a wide range of these specialized courses, but we also have hybrid classes that combine forms such as poetry and the short story.

Introduction to Creative Writing


ENGL 2307


These classes are designed to benefit anyone from the beginner to the advanced writer. Here, students will study the many aspects of crafting creative works including idea generation, structure, arc development, syntax, tension, and effective use of literary devices. We offer ENGL 2307 in all of the following forms:


Prose  • Poetry  • Fiction  • Memoir  • Young Adult Fiction  • Playwriting  • Screenwriting  • Poetry & Prose  • Flash Fiction  • Children’s Literature

Forms of Literature for Creative Writing


ENGL 2341


The goal of this class is to teach students how to read like a creative writer. To do this, students will closely study diverse forms of writing from poetry and short story to playwriting and film in order to understand the elements of craft necessary for each form. Genre focus to be determined by the instructor..


ENGL 2389

A capstone class for Creative Writing majors offered each Fall and Spring semester. The Academic Coop is designed to give participants insight into the process of publishing a literary journal. Under the guidance of a faculty member, students work collaboratively to produce the latest edition of the Rio Review, ACC’s Student Literary & Arts Journal.

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Associates of Arts in Creative Writing

Our Associates in Creative Writing is designed to give you a valuable foundation in the art of writing. This degree plan includes introductory composition classes as well as a variety of creative writing classes designed to strengthen all levels of writing, from beginning to advanced. This degree includes access to unique creative writing electives such as being a part of a team of editors that collaborate to publish the bi-yearly Rio Review, ACC’s very own Student Literary & Arts Journal.

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