ACC Bioscience Incubator companies are centered in the life sciences. Even though ABI is part of Austin Community College, any company can apply.

Member Companies

CATALYSTedu - Logo


A cultivated meat company, growing meat using cells from the animals, rather than the slaughtered parts of animals. Aiming to be the first to offer cultivated beef jerky and beef brisket.

CATALYSTedu - Logo

CATALYST Education

EdTech company with focus on delivering management solutions for STEM lab courses.
Environmental Quality Operations logo

Environmental Quality Operations

Biological survey and environmental remediation company bringing modern molecular techniques to the field of environmental biology.
Fabrico Technology logo


Transforming the field of proteomics with the world’s first single molecule protein sequencer.
Macromoltek logo


Macromoltek’s mission is to provide easy-to-use scientific software to help researchers make new discoveries by keeping the focus on their science.
Fabrico Technology logo

NanoMedical Systems

Commercializing revolutionary silicon-based medical nanotechnology products that address unmet clinical needs for personalized medicine.


Developing technologies for high-throughput (96, 384 and 1536 well) co-culture and multi-culture applications.

Alumni Companies

16S Technologies - Logo

16S Technologies

Providing a diagnostic and continuous monitoring service to ensure that corrosion causing microorganisms do not reach problematic and costly levels in oil and gas industry.
Celling Biosciences - Logo

Celling Biosciences

Advancing the future of medicine through the innovation of point-of-care, autologous regenerative cell therapies.
Fabrico Technology logo

ClearCam, Inc.

Specializing in creating a simple and compatible in-vivo laparoscope lens cleaner that would effectively deal with the main culprits of camera visual blockage- blood, tissue, fat and condensation during surgery.
Curtana Pharmaceuticals - Logo

Curtana Pharmaceuticals

Developing proprietary in silico technology for multi-pharmacophore screening.
16S Technologies - Logo

Delphi Diagnostics

Tech commercialization company focused on oncology diagnostics, prognostic and predictive tests.
Fabrico Technology logo


Developing reagent kits for the high-throughput discovery of asymmetric reactions.
Fabrico Technology logo

En Solución

Improving food safety through development of novel methods for cleaning and sanitizing.
Fabrico Technology logo

Fabrico Technology

Medical device company and biotech company developing extracellular matrices for cranioplasty applications.
Fabrico Technology logo

Food and Ag Lab

Offer testing lab services to the food and agricultural industries and consulting in the areas of compliance and food safety.

Halo Life Science

A life science and food technology company committed to creating a sustainable, healthier future for everyone everywhere.
IsoStem Company Logo


Commercializing a proprietary bone marrow autograft concentration system.


Synthetic organic chemistry company developing purification techniques to deliver pure products to customers.
KJ Scientific logo

KJ Scientific

Environmental testing company that focuses on using new technology to analyze chemicals (pesticides, personal care products, consumer goods) for bioaccumulation potential that may affect human and wildlife health.

Lung Therapeutics

Pursuing innovative treatments for underserved, life-threatening lung conditions.
Macmillan Learning - Lab Solutions logo

Macmillan Learning

A suite of solutions designed to improve student preparedness, engagement, and understanding in the laboratory.
Fabrico Technology logo


Pioneering development of the world’s most advanced human genetic enhancement platform.
Fabrico Technology logo


High-throughput and high-content screening devices for small model animals and 3D tissue organoids.
Nuclein Company Logo


Developing novel molecular diagnostic assays.
Fabrico Technology logo


Developing novel treatments for Succinic Semiadehyde Dehydrogenase Deficiency (SSADHD).
Fabrico Technology logo

Vernx Biotechnology

Pioneering the research, development and commercialization of branched fats naturally occurring in vernix caseosa.

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