Member companies have access to ABI core laboratories, furthering expanding their scientific capabilities. Core facilities greatly reduce costs and allows startups to focus on adding value to their ideas.

The facility is stocked with $1.2M of best-in-class instrumentation that will enable life science entrepreneurs to use cutting edge technologies to explore emerging science.





Equipment List

General Laboratory Equipment

Balances, waterbaths, stir plates, spectrophotometers, gel docs, thermal cyclers, microcentrifuges, pH meters, heat blocks, vortexes


DI water throughout, RO water systems, fume hoods, sterilizer, dishwasher ice machine, eye washes, safety shower, fire extinguishers, call system, card reader access


Olympus iX73 Fluorescent inverted microscope, Olympus CKX53SF inverted microscopes, BioRad Zoe touch screen fluorescent microscope

Cold Storage

4⁰C refrigeration, -20⁰C freezers, -80⁰C freezers, remote monitoring, liquid N2 maker,


Eppendorf 5804R with multiple rotors, Beckman Avanti JE with multiple r rotors, Beckman XPN80 with multiple rotors, VWR clinical, Beckman Allegra X-30, Eppendorf 5424R

Cell Culture

4’ and 6’ A2 Biosafety cabinets, CO2 incubators, aspiratores, pipet-aids, EVE cell counters,

Specialized Analytical Instrumentation

AKTA25 FPLC, Thermo Ultimate 3000 with Diode Array, Thermo LTQ-XL Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer, Shimadzu 2010 Plus with FID, Illumina MiSeq, BD Accuri 6plus Flow Cytometer, Luminex Intelliflex Multiplex, Qiagen RotoGene5 qPCR,


Branson Sonifier with multiple horns, Agilent UV-vis spectrometer, Labconco 2.5L lyophilizer, speed vac, PCR hood, Molecular Devices FilterMax plater reader, Well Wash plate washer, standard incubators, vacuum pumps, light boxes



ABI Highland

The ACC Bioscience Incubator was born out of an approximately 9,500 SF renovation of the iconic Highland Mall in central Austin, TX. The facility features 4,000 SF of wet labs, two ISO 8 clean rooms, open workspace, and conference room. The space is designed to create a flexible environment that allows life science entrepreneurs to focus on innovation.

ABI Highland has a convenient central location at ACC Highland Campus, near the north junction of I-35 and Highway 290, providing easy rail and bus access to downtown Austin.

Facility Amenities

Conference Room
Break Area
Break Area
Outside of incubator card swipe access door
24-hour card access
Beautiful Campus


lab bench with equipment

Lab Bench

Lab benches are located in one of four shared labs, offering a designated spot for your company and for the storage of your consumables, reagents, and any proprietary equipment. Lab bench leases provide access to the entire facility and the $1.6M in high-end instrumentation and equipment.

Multiple-bench leases available. 


The Incubator offers two ISO8 (Class 100,000) clean rooms for lease, providing an environment free from dust and other contaminants. Each clean room is approximately 400 square feet and fully equipped with a gowning room and access to gases piped directly into the space via specialized gas plumbing,

The clean rooms are not shared spaces; leasing provides unique access only to your company for the duration of the contract. Additional opt-in available for access to the $1.6M in high-end instrumentation and equipment in the facility.

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