Bioscience startups have a big challenge:

How to do research, testing, and product dev on a budget. This means they often can’t access well-outfitted lab space and top-tier equipment.

Of course, established multinational companies with eight-figure research budgets can build their own labs and buy all the nice science toys they want. But bioscience startups without big levels of funding are left out in the cold.

Part of our core mission is to make cutting-edge bioscience accessible to startups. Here’s Yash Sabharwal from NanoMedical, one of our member companies:

“There’s been a lot of information in the news lately about how expensive drug development is. One reason is that the resources required are also very expensive. We needed a facility where we could do our initial testing and product development [affordably], and the ACC Bioincubator has been… really helpful for a small company like us. It doesn’t require tens of millions of dollars just to get started.” - Yash Sabharwal, Ph.D., former CEO NanoMedical Systems

Today, I want to give you a glimpse of how we equip our member companies.

First, all companies at ABI have access to core labs, bench space, conference space, and a break area. We’re also fully stocked with $1.7M of best-in-class equipment and instrumentation that allows our startups to research, test, and develop your product—and explore emerging science. All of this includes 24-hour card access on the beautiful ACC Highland campus in Austin.

Second, we handle the infrastructure needs for all our startups including power, water, and city wastewater restrictions — a major concern they no longer need to worry about.

“ABI is a beautiful lab space with nice equipment that’s well-maintained, and that makes it the ideal location to start a company.” - Darren Toczko, Founder, Food and Ag Lab

You can peruse the full equipment list here, but you’ll find that it includes:

  • General Lab Equipment: Balances, water baths, spectrophotometers, gel docs, thermal cyclers, microcentrifuges.
  • Cold Storage: 4⁰C refrigeration, -20⁰C freezers, -80⁰C freezers.
  • Light and Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Cell Culture Facility 
  • High-Speed Centrifugation
  • Specialized Analytical Instruments: LC-MS, flow cytometer, NGS, FPLC, GC and much more.
  • Infrastructure: DI water throughout, RO water systems, 220V power, backup generator, autoclave.
  • Safety Equipment: eye washes, safety showers, fire extinguishers.

A view of the instrument room

In addition, I’ll draw your attention to our clean rooms. Access to clean room space by the month is a very unique offering, and we have two of them!

Clean Rooms

We have two ISO8 (Class 100,000) clean rooms for lease, providing an environment free from dust and contaminants. These rooms could be used to manufacture a medical device or even a drug for an animal trial. Each clean room has a gowning room and access to gasses piped directly into the space via specialized plumbing. These are 400-square-foot private spaces, not shared with other companies. One of our incubator companies, ClearCam, who I mentioned two emails ago, manufactured their surgical camera cleaner in one of these clean rooms.

“The ABI clean room was crucial to the launch of our first lots for human use. Nancy and her team were incredibly flexible and helpful regarding our dynamic needs. The in-house resources [at ABI] also proved vital for a smooth and effective product launch!” - Chris Idelson, ClearCam

If you have a great bioscience idea or a prototype product, we want you to focus on developing it and getting it to market, not worrying about how to fit a freezer or a lab bench in your home garage next to your kids’ bikes.

“We had a wonderful experience at the ACC Bioscience Incubator. The state-of-the-art facility [allowed us] to begin development without the enormous early-stage investment that would otherwise have been necessary. We also benefited significantly from the outstanding leadership and on-campus location, which combined to make the environment a fantastic place to start our new venture.” - Alan Blake, Founder and CEO of Nuclein

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Nancy Lyon

ACC Bioscience Incubator Director