Degrees and Certificates

The ACC jewelry department provides unsurpassed technical training and industry relevance for students aspiring for a career as a creative, productive, and professional jeweler.

Our hands-on instruction at the jeweler’s bench includes time-honored techniques in fabrication, lost-wax casting, and repair; as well as access to state-of-the-art equipment and training in modern computer aided design (CAD) technology. With decades of experience in every corner of the market, our faculty will give you the foundation for success.

Students develop skills in designing, fabricating, casting, and repairing jewelry, including core fundamentals such as soldering and stone setting – skills which aid in the production, marketing, and sale of jewelry.

It typically takes students at least two years to complete an associate degree. Professional training in a specific area or technology is also available, and is often preferred by people already working in the industry.

Graduates can work in many different parts of the industry, from a retail store setting, where they sell, repair, and manufacture jewelry, to a larger organization in the manufacture and production of a commercial jewelry line, or even as an entrepreneur jeweler/business owner who designs, produce, and sells their own original designs.

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Jewelry Level 1 Certificate

This certificate will provide the student with training in the skills used in the jewelry industry. The student will learn essential methods for the production and repair of jewelry. All of the courses can be applied towards the Associate of Applied Science degree in Jewelry.

Course Plan List: List of courses required.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Jewelry

This degree prepares the student for a career as a bench jewelry technician. It provides specialized focus on jewelry fabrication, stone-setting, lost wax casting, and repair. The coursework is designed to provide the student with skills necessary for a career in the jewelry industry.

Course Plan List: List of courses required.

Jewelry Enhanced Skills Certificate

This certificate can be earned concurrently with or after completion of the AAS degree. The student will learn advanced casting, stonesetting, and repair techniques used in the jewelry industry.

Course Plan List: List of courses required.