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acc jewelry department metal forming lab

The Jewelry Department at ACC is one of the only jewelry degree programs in the country to provide each student with a set of tools to use in the classroom.  We have twenty fully stocked standard jewelry benches, each with their own torch setup, in our two main classrooms. Each student has a jewelry bench with its own set of tools to themselves for the duration of class.  This is a great advantage to beginning students, as it allows them get to know the necessary tools before purchasing and saves them about $1,400 in upfront costs for a basic tool kit. This also allows them access to all of the tools they need for class projects while they build up their personal tool collection over the course of the degree.

In addition to our two main classrooms, we have additional classrooms and workspaces with a wide array of tools and equipment.  Here is a list of some of the advanced tools you will learn to use as a student of ACC’s Jewelry program:

  • Laser Welder

  • Pulse Arc Welder

  • 3D Printer

  • Pneumatic Engraving/Stonesetting Machines

  • Kilns for Casting and Enameling

  • Centrifugal Casting Machines

  • And more!

We strive to provide a wide variety of specialty tools so students can gain hands-on experience, and make well informed decisions about which tools will be most important to purchase when outfitting their own studio.

The purpose of our facility is to provide the students with an educational environment in which they will learn the skills needed to work in the jewelry industry, and to give them options for the tools and equipment they will either use daily in a jewelry establishment or end up purchasing in order to start their own business.

Want to take an in-person tour and see our facility for yourself?

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