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Our mission at ACC is to promote student success. This idea drives our decision making at every level — even room scheduling. That’s why we have switched our 20-year-old scheduling software from R25 to Ad Astra on November 1st, 2018.

Astra Schedule is a web-based scheduling tool that integrates with an institution’s student information system to optimize and analyze space utilization, create “what if” scenarios, manage rooms for classes, events, resources

Ad Astra provides us with enhanced analytics that will optimize our room usage across Austin Community College District. The system will make event and section scheduling more efficient and effective for students earning credentials from ACC.

How do I access Ad Astra Schedule? Click the link below to request a room at ACC?

From the ACC website, click Faculty & Staff, thenk click the Room Scheduling link under the Popular Resources list. Alternatively, use the vanity link below.

Ad Astra Scheduling Documents:

ACC Standard Meeting Times

Ad Astra Room Scheduling Preferences Worksheet

Sample Reports:

ACC District Ad Astra Reports

South Austin (Pilot Campus) Ad Astra Reports

Training Presentation Decks and Reference:

ACC Ad Astra Overview (Dept. Chair, Admin, Guest)

ACC Ad Astra Scheduler (Campus Manager & Admin)

ACC Ad Astra Room Records (Campus Managers, Admin Schedulers)

Managing Room Usage Rules in Ad Astra (Campus Managers)

Ad Astra Reports Guide – Deans and Dept Chairs

Events FREQ Work Flow Chart

Ad Astra Academic Scheduling Rollover Process Flow Chart (DRAFT 6-4-19)

Academic Scheduling CHANGE Process Flow Chart (DRAFT 6-4-19)

Ad Astra Schedule Reports Guide – Dept. Chairs


Ad Astra Platinum Analytics:

Ad Astra Platinum Analytics Brochure

ACC Ad Astra Platinum Analytics Implementation Plan (06-04-19)

More information about Ad Astra:

Ad Astra – Products and Services – One Sheet


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