Textbook Ordering Information

Course Materials/Textbook Order Due Dates

Course Materials Orders Administrative Rule 5.0401.01 (formerly AR 4.01.006): All staffed sections are required to have course materials ordered (adopted) by the first day of registration for each semester, which includes identifying sections using online learning materials (First Day “Inclusive Access”, Open Educational Resources (OER)/Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC), OpenStax, etc.) or to designate that no materials are required. 

Refer to Instructional/Course Materials for a list of helpful resource links.

The Adoption and Insights Portal (AIP) is Barnes and Noble’s textbook selection software (B&N manages ACC’s brick and mortar and online bookstores). Refer to Textbook Selection through Barnes & Noble.

If you have questions about using the Adoption and Insights Portal, please contact the Office of Academic Technology through the Teaching Consultations & Support page.

Also refer to Faculty Support for Instructional Materials for more related resources.

Inclusive Access (First Day) Deadlines

First Day/Inclusive Access course material orders are submitted at the department level by the department admin — refer to Submit First Day / Inclusive Access Courses for more information.

For any questions regarding textbook/course materials orders, including Inclusive Access, please contact Jose Verastegui, [email protected]

ZTC Spreadsheet – identify ZTC (Zero Textbook Costs) sections, formally known as OER, in the appropriate Google spreadsheet following the instructions on first tab. 

Bookstore Contract Deadlines
Fall Semester: April 1 
Spring Semester: October 1
Summer Semester: March 1

Course Packet Order Due Dates
Fall Semester – March 1
Spring Semester – September 1
Summer Semester – February 1

Bookstore Information for FACULTY and DEPARTMENTS

Note: Refer students to the Bookstore’s Customized Textbook List via the ACC Bookstore site to look up the textbooks/course materials you selected for your classes, once orders (adoptions) have been processed by the Bookstore. Additionally, general information pertaining to bookstores is provided at students.austincc.edu/textbooks-and-supplies/.

  • Faculty Support for Instructional Materials 
  • ACC Bookstore Central Office – refer students to austin.bncollege.com/ where they can search textbooks by semester, find cost and format options, including rental, eBooks, and Open Educational Materials (ZTC/OER), and order textbooks online, as well to look up what textbooks are worth if sold back, Bookstore hours, etc.
  • To receive a listing of textbooks and editions that were ordered and stocked in the campus Bookstores or for any other type of textbook order status report, email your request to [email protected]
  • Bookstore Contact Information
    • ACC Bookstore Central Office: (512) 473-2129, (512) 512-474-2607
    • Jose Verastegui, Assistant Store Manager: [email protected],
      (512) 476-1921 ext. 5
  • Textbooks Delivery Information
  • Course Materials Order Reports – Information (pricing, updated ISBNs, order changes, etc.) pertaining to processed course materials/textbook orders will be available on the Bookstore website and via the ‘Textbooks’ links provided in the online schedule by the time registration begins, once the orders have been stocked in the campus bookstores.
    Note: Updated composite course materials order reports can be obtained by contacting your department’s administrative assistant/designated order approver or Bookstore ([email protected]). For status reports on sections without course materials orders for your program, you can contact the Bookstore ([email protected]) directly.

Additional Instructional Materials Resources

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