Course Materials Orders

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Student Affairs Council
Effective date: 06/07/17

Value Statement

Austin Community College (ACC) supports processes that contribute to student success. Ensuring that students have appropriate opportunities to succeed includes providing students with accurate information about required and recommended course materials at the time of registration.

Administrative Rule

  1. Course materials selection is the responsibility of the faculty in the instructional program.
  2. Faculty members are encouraged to consider costs and the availability of alternative accessible formats in their selection of course materials.
  3. Instructional departments are expected to maintain an accurate inventory of approved course materials and to update their approved inventory annually.
  4. Department chairs are responsible for ensuring that all staffed sections have materials ordered by the first day of registration for the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.
    1. Course materials orders include required and/or recommended materials, open educational resources (OER), technology-mediated materials, and all other instructional materials about which students should be aware.
    2. If no materials are required, this information must be indicated for any given section.
  5. Course materials orders will occur via FacultyEnlight.
  6. Each instructional department will determine the process by which materials are ordered through FacultyEnlight.

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