3. Business and Support Services

The following Administrative Rules (AR) and Guidelines/Procedures (G/P) provide the operating principles for Austin Community College.

Number Title
3.0112.01 Grants
3.0200.01 Collection, Custody and Disbursement of College Funds
3.0300.01 Institutional Memberships
3.0402.01 Equipment Inventory
3.0403.01 Internal Audit
3.0600.01 Purchasing and Contracts
3.0600.02 Copiers
3.0700.01 Management Safety Statement
3.0800.01 Keys and Access Control Cards
3.0803.01 Parking Regulations, Permits and Enforcement
3.0803.01.1 Parking Regulations, Permits and Enforcement (G/P)
3.0805.01 Internal Mail
3.0901.01 Records Management Program
3.0901.01.1 Records Center (G/P)
3.0901.01.2 Disposition of College Records (G/P)
3.0901.02 Forms Management
3.0901.02.1 Forms Management- Forms Creation and Maintenance (G/P)
3.1000.01 Student Travel to College Sponsored Events
3.1000.02 College Vehicle Use and Upkeep
3.1200.01 Naming of Facilities/Public Recognition
3.1200.01.1 Naming of Facilities/Public Recognition (G/P)
3.1201.01 Alterations to ACC Property
3.1201.01.1 Alterations to ACC Property (G/P)
3.1201.02 Furniture and Equipment Acquisition
3.1201.03 Sustainable Construction and College Operations
3.1201.03.1 Sustainable Construction and College Operations (G/P)
3.1201.04 College Accessibility
3.1800.01 Acceptable Use of College Information Resources
3.1800.02 Use of Technology Resources
3.1800.06 Student Text Messaging (Opting Out)
3.1801.01 ACC Internet (External) Website
3.2000.01 Copyright Ownership
3.2000.02 Copyright and Fair Use
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