Records Center (G/P)

Effective date: 08/30/22


The Records Center is a centralized facility used for the orderly transfer, storage, and systematic disposal of inactive College records in accordance with the College Records Retention Schedule.

Ownership of Records

All records are the property of the College.  The College unit/department manager who creates and maintains a record is the Records Custodian of that record and remains the Custodian after the record is transferred to the Records Center for storage.

Responsibilities and Services Provided by Record Center Staff

The Records Management Officer is responsible for developing procedures to ensure proper controls of College records:

  • safeguarding College records
  • back-up of electronically archived records
  • protection of confidential records from unauthorized access
  • computerized tracking of records from receipt to disposition
  • retrieval and refiling of stored records
  • systematic, legal disposition of records
  • confidential shredding of non-record materials

Selecting Records for Storage

Only those records listed on the College Records Retention Schedule and determined to be inactive are eligible for storage in the Records Center.  Records are considered inactive if they are used less than once a month. The Records Center is not to be used for storage of extra copies of documents retained for convenience, magazines, newspapers, books, or other non-record material or for physical storage.

Procedures for Packing Records

Records Custodians are responsible for ensuring that documents are shipped to the Records Center in accordance with the College Records Retention Schedule and these procedures.  Records and Information Management staff may inspect all records prior to delivery for storage eligibility, retention, and shipping requirements as outlined below.  If records are not properly pre­pared, the records will not be approved for storage in the Records Center.

  1. Preparing Records for Storage
    1. Consult the College Records Retention Schedule for records the College is required to retain.
    2. Verify that records are complete for the inclusive time period indicated on the College Records Retention Schedule.
      • semester (January – May; June – August; August – December)
      • semiannual (January – June or July – December)
      • annual (calendar year [January – December], fiscal year [September – August], or in some cases program year)
      • Files that are checked-out at the time of packing should be noted by inserting an Out Guide/Card with information regarding the record’s location. This is necessary for easy reference during retrievals and re-filing of documents. Record series with a large number of files checked-out are not eligible for Records Center storage.
    3. Remove all duplicates and non-essential documents prior to packing records for storage. Documents stored in ring binders must be removed and placed in file or expansion folders with appropriate identifying labels.
  1. Boxing Your Records
    1. Pack records using a systematic filing method to allow for retrievals, filing, and re-filing.
    2. Place all documents in file or expansion folders with appropriate identifying labels. Do not combine years.   Do not pack different types of records in the same box. This will simplify your record keeping and retrieval processes.
    3. Pack records in standard-size regulation records storage boxes (12W x 10H x 15L) or check boxes (9W x 6H x 22L). Please review the Records Management website for information on approved storage boxes.
      Complete a box request form to request boxes from the Records Center.

      • Pack letter-size files across the twelve-inch side and legal-size files across the fifteen-inch side of the box. If both letter and legal-size files are mixed within the same box, pack them across the fifteen-inch side.  TIP: Three standard-size regulation boxes are required for every two letter-size file drawers.
      • Leave at least two (2) inches clearance in each box to facilitate reference and/or expansion if records are to be interfiled at a future date.
      • Do not bind or tape boxes. Do not write on boxes or box lids.
      • Pack over-size records in bundles with identification tags attached.
    4. Complete a Shipping Label for each box or bundle. Place the label in the center of the front of the box.
  1. Transferring Records to the Records Center

    1. Complete the Records Transmittal form (RECE.004.0322), available from the Records Center, and include it in the first box.
    2. Call the Records Center (223-1170) to schedule a review of the packed records.
    3. Records and Information Management staff may review the packed records prior to scheduling the transfer of records to the Records Center.
    4. After receipt of the shipment, Records Center staff will assign a Box Code identification number, record it on the Transmittal form, and return a copy to the originating department. This information will be needed to retrieve records from the Records Center.

Retrieving Records from the Records Center

A department may retrieve its records from the Records Center by completing the on-line form, Retrieving Records from the Records Center.

Records may be retrieved temporarily and later returned to inactive storage or they may be permanently removed from inactive storage and returned to the originating department.  Records will be released only to the record owner or an authorized representative of the originating department.  Requests for any other department’s records will be denied without official College authorization.

To maintain security of College records, the Records Center will not respond directly to Open Records Requests or general requests from the public.  Requests of this type will be referred to the College Relations & Marketing Department.

Returning Materials to the Records Center

When returning records to the Records Center for re-filing, attach a copy of the original form completed to retrieve the record.  This information is essential to ensure records are returned to their proper location.

Interfiling Documents

An interfile is a new document that is to be added to a set of records in storage.  The Records Custodian must provide the appropriate Record Center Box Code.  Any item to be interfiled must be the same record type and have the same inclusive dates as the box in which the document is to be filed.

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