5. Instruction

The following Administrative Rules (AR) and Guidelines/Procedures (G/P) provide the operating principles for Austin Community College.

Number Title
5.0201.01 Distance Learning Best Practices
5.0201.01.1 Distance Learning Best Practices (G/P)
5.0202.01 Field & International Studies (Study Abroad) Courses
5.0202.01.1 Study Abroad (G/P)
5.0300.01 Child Development Department/Children’s Lab School Role and Scope
5.0300.02 Veteran’s Educational Program
5.0303.01 Informal Transfer
5.0303.01.1 Informal Transfer Procedure (G/P)
5.0303.02 Pass/Fail Option
5.0303.03 Course Load for Full-Time Students
5.0303.04 Six Course Drop Limitation
5.0303.05 Withdrawal Policy: Semester Credit Courses
5.0401.01 Course Materials Orders
5.0401.02 Library Services Materials Circulation
5.0401.03 Library Services Material Selection Assessment of Instructional Programs
5.0601.03 Structure and Organization of Developmental Education
5.0601.04 Developmental Education: State Exemptions and Exceptions to Overall TSI Requirements
5.0601.04.1 Developmental Education: State Exemptions and Exceptions to Overall TSI Requirements (G/P)
5.0601.05 Assessment of Basic Skills: First Semester Course Enrollment Without TSI Testing-Exceptional Circumstances Provision
5.0601.06 Enrollment in Courses Without Skills Requirement
5.0601.07 Mandatory Load Limits for Developmental Students
5.0601.08 Developmental Education: Monitoring Student Participation in Mandatory Developmental Education Requirements
5.0601.09 In Progress Grades for Developmental Students
5.0601.10 Developmental Education: Mandatory Skill Development Courses for Certain Students Who Need Remediation
5.0601.11 Role of Advisors and Counselors in Support of Students in Developmental Education
5.0601.12 Developmental Education Effectiveness Measures
5.0601.13 Course Required for Certain First-Time at Austin Community College (ACC) Students
5.0601.14 Assessment, Placement and Remediation Requirement for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
5.0601.15 Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education: Reading Placement and Continuous Remediation
5.0601.16 Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education: Writing (Placement and Continuous Remediation)
5.0601.17 Required Mathematics Enrollment
5.0601.19 Placement of Students in Developmental Education
5.0601.20 Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education: Developmental Math (Placement and Continuous Remediation)
5.0602.01 Degree & Certificate Designations
5.0603.01 Assessment College Readiness for New Students
5.0701.01 Instructor Initiated and Administrative Withdrawal and Appeal Policy
5.0701.02 D Grade
5.0701.03 Conversion of ACC Alternative Credit Contact Hours
5.0701.03.1 Conversion of ACC Alternative Credit Contact Hours (G/P)
5.0701.04 Grade Change
5.0701.04.1 Procedure for Determination of Error of a Performance Grade (G/P)
5.0701.05 Prior Learning Assessment
5.0701.05.1 Prior Learning Assessment (G/P)
5.0701.06 Student Grade Point Average
5.0701.07 Scholastic Achievement Awards
5.0701.08 Academic Standards of Progress
5.0703.01 Graduate Guarantee
5.0800.01 Articulation and Transfer Services for ACC Students
5.0800.04 Area of Study Information Session
5.0800.05 Faculty Advising for Students
5.0800.05.1 Faculty Advising for Students (G/P)
5.0800.06 Career Development Services for Students
5.0802.01 Counseling and Advising Services to Students
5.0900.01 Assessment of Basic Skills: Fulfillment of TSI Requirements
5.0900.02 Assessment (Local)
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