Instructor Initiated and Administrative Withdrawal and Appeal Policy

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Student Affairs Council
Effective date: 04/13/16

Value Statement

Austin Community College values academic excellence and believes that students should demonstrate commitment to this value.

Administrative Rule

  1. Students will be informed, via a written course syllabus, of all course objectives and the instructor’s course policies. A student who is not in compliance with course policies or not meeting course objectives in the syllabus may be withdrawn from the course at the discretion of the instructor. A student, who has been marked as ‘Never Attended’ on the instructor’s attendance certification roster, will be administratively withdrawn from the course, effective one day prior to the official reporting date for the course.
  2. A student at Austin Community College is expected to attend classes in order to progress satisfactorily toward completion of course objectives. For distance learning courses, the student is expected to be in compliance with the course syllabus requirements.
  3. Although it is the student’s responsibility to consult with instructors and seek counseling services when course policies and objectives cannot be met, faculty are encouraged to promote student success services to their students.
  4. When the instructor withdraws a student or the student is administratively withdrawn, written notice will be sent by the college to the faculty email address and to ACC student email address. The student may appeal a withdrawal in writing immediately upon notification within five (5) business days after receipt of the college notice of withdrawal. The written appeal shall be made initially to the course instructor, who will respond in writing within five (5) business days. The student may appeal the instructor’s decision within five (5) business days to the appropriate Department Chair, then the Dean, whose decision will be final.

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