AR News and Updates


Prohibition of the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at ACC Student Life Office Sponsored Events

  • The changes were non-substantive in nature. The Value Statement was clarified.

Employee Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation AR and G/P

  • The changes were non-substantive in nature, and included the correction of department and position titles, contact information, and punctuation.

Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment of Students on the Basis of Disability, Race, Color or National Origin, AR and G/P

  • Updates reflect recent changes to legislation as well as ACC contact information and position titles.

Full-Time Faculty Placement and Advancement

  • The AR was updated to align with current practices, processes and procedures.


Academic Standards of Progress

  • Minor changes were made to bring the administrative rule in line with current terminology.

Records Management Program
Records Center, G/P
Disposition of College Records, G/P

  • The administrative rule and two guidelines/procedures were updated to align with current practices, processes, and procedures.

Non-Accrued Paid Leave, AR and G/P

  • Administrative Rule:
    – Professional Development Leave was removed from the list of leave types.
  • Guideline/Procedure:
    – The section on Parental Leave was revised for clarity.
    – Professional Development Leave was removed.
    – The section on Voting Leave was revised for accuracy.

Sustainable Construction and College Operations, AR and G/P

  • The documents were updated to align with the College’s sustainability goals, current industry standards and best practices, and the City of Austin’s long-term resource plan.

Information Security (new)

  • The new administrative rule replaced 3.05.003, Connecting Devices to the College Network.
  • The AR was condensed and now refers students and employees to the appropriate regulations and resources on the ACC IT website.

Legal Counsel

  • A list of authorized Legal Liaisons was added for reference.
  • Other changes added clarity to the rule’s content.

Acceptable Use of College Information Resources (new)

  • The new rule replaced AR (and G/P) 3.05.002, Use of College Information Systems, which was rescinded after the new AR was adopted.
  • The AR was condensed and now refers students and employees to the appropriate regulations and resources on the ACC IT website.

Use of Technology Resources (new)

  • The new administrative rule replaced AR 3.01.003, Use of Telecommunication Resources, and AR (and G/P) 3.05.006, ACCmail (Student Only), which were rescinded after the new ARs were adopted.
  • The ARs were combined and condensed, and the new AR now refers students and employees to the appropriate regulations and resources on the ACC IT website.

Employment of Personnel

  • A statement was added to affirm that employees must maintain Texas residency as a requirement of employment.
  • Additional edits updated and added clarity to the AR.


Telework (new) AR and G/P

The AR was created to:

  • Create and sustain a strong culture while promoting remote working opportunities when in the best interest of the College,
  • Make available opportunities for remote work when it is in the best interest of ACC and meets the needs of ACC’s business operations, and
  • Enhance staff productivity and support student success.
  • The documents were edited significantly in order to provide concise terms and conditions, expectations, definitions, and responsibilities.

Resolution of an Employee Grievance, AR and G/P

  • The revision process included collaboration and feedback from the ad hoc committee that was formed for this purpose as well as various ACC stakeholders, and legal counsel.
  • The ad hoc committee, which included representatives from each employee association, re-envisioned the process to create an effective, timely, and understandable process, grounded in fairness and accountability.
  • The AR created a singular process that does not distinguish between complaints and grievances (in line with board policy DGBA).
  • The new position of Employee Relations Officer (ERO) was created.
  • The Grievance Review Council was created in order to provide an additional level of oversight for the grievance process.

Internal Audit

The AR was updated to:

  • Incorporate the “Internal Audit Charter” (formerly located on the Finance & Administration website),
  • Clarify the subject, and
  • Ensure consistent language throughout the document.

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