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November 15, 2022

Proposed Administrative Rules and Guidelines/Procedures available for employee comments:


Employee Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
Employee Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (G/P)

  • The proposed changes are non-substantive in nature, including correcting department and position titles, contact information, and punctuation.
  • The drafts are available for viewing and adding comments HEREPlease read the instructions before adding comments.
  • The deadline for comments is Wednesday, November 23, 2022.


Faculty Evaluations
Faculty Evaluations Guideline/Procedure (new)
Prohibition of the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at ACC Student Life Sponsored Events

  • Follow this link to review the ARs and submit your comments.
  • The deadline for comments is Friday, January 20, 2023.


Academic Standards of Progress

  • Minor changes were made to bring the administrative rule in line with current terminology.

Records Management Program
Records Center, G/P
Disposition of College Records, G/P

  • The administrative rule and two guidelines/procedures have been updated to align with current practices, processes, and procedures.

Non-Accrued Paid Leave, AR and G/P

  • Administrative Rule:
    – Professional Development Leave was removed from the list of leave types.
  • Guideline/Procedure:
    – The section on Parental Leave was revised for clarity.
    – Professional Development Leave was removed.
    – The section on Voting Leave was revised for accuracy.

Sustainable Construction and College Operations, AR and G/P

  • The documents were updated to align with the College’s sustainability goals, current industry standards and best practices, and the City of Austin’s long-term resource plan.

Information Security (new)

  • The new administrative rule replaced 3.05.003, Connecting Devices to the College Network.
  • The AR was condensed and now refers students and employees to the appropriate regulations and resources on the ACC IT website.

Legal Counsel

  • A list of authorized Legal Liaisons was added for reference.
  • Other changes added clarity to the rule’s content.

Acceptable Use of College Information Resources (new)

  • The new rule replaced AR (and G/P) 3.05.002, Use of College Information Systems, which was rescinded after the new AR was adopted.
  • The AR was condensed and now refers students and employees to the appropriate regulations and resources on the ACC IT website.

Use of Technology Resources (new)

  • The new adminisitrative rule replaced AR 3.01.003, Use of Telecommunication Resources, and AR (and G/P) 3.05.006, ACCmail (Student Only), which were rescinded after the new ARs were adopted.
  • The ARs were combined and condensed, and the new AR now refers students and employees to the appropriate regulations and resources on the ACC IT website.

Employment of Personnel

  • A statement was added to affirm that employees must maintain Texas residency as a requirement of employment.
  • Additional edits updated and added clarity to the AR.


Telework (new) AR and G/P

The AR was created to:

  • Create and sustain a strong culture while promoting remote working opportunities when in the best interest of the College,
  • Make available opportunities for remote work when it is in the best interest of ACC and meets the needs of ACC’s business operations, and
  • Enhance staff productivity and support student success.
  • The documents were edited significantly in order to provide concise terms and conditions, expectations, definitions, and responsibilities.

Resolution of an Employee Grievance, AR and G/P

  • The revision process included collaboration and feedback from the ad hoc committee that was formed for this purpose as well as various ACC stakeholders, and legal counsel.
  • The ad hoc committee, which included representatives from each employee association, re-envisioned the process to create an effective, timely, and understandable process, grounded in fairness and accountability.
  • The AR created a singular process that does not distinguish between complaints and grievances (in line with board policy DGBA).
  • The new position of Employee Relations Officer (ERO) was created.
  • The Grievance Review Council was created in order to provide an additional level of oversight for the grievance process.

Internal Audit

The AR was updated to:

  • Incorporate the “Internal Audit Charter” (formerly located on the Finance & Administration website),
  • Clarify the subject, and
  • Ensure consistent language throughout the document.

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