Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: DC, Employment Practices
Effective date: 07/14/21
Guideline/Procedure: 4.0300.11.1

Value Statement 

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) will seek to create and sustain a strong work environment and culture while promoting telework opportunities when in the best interest of the College.

Purpose Statement

This policy is implemented to provide guidelines for supervisors to consider opportunities for employees in their area to telework. Telework provides an alternate work location, however; all of the ACC employment conditions and policies continue to apply. Supervisors are responsible for the employee’s work schedule and location and are expected to collaborate with employees on job requirements. This policy will be reviewed in FY22.

Administrative Rule

The College will make available opportunities for telework when it is in the best interest of ACC, meets the needs of ACC’s business operations, supports staff productivity, and supports student success.

An employee who is in a probationary status or on disciplinary action may not be approved to telework, unless the job description indicates telework and/or the supervisor approves telework. If an employee is subsequently placed on probation or a disciplinary action is taken, the employee shall be given notice by the supervisor regarding telework arrangements.


  1. Telework – an authorized work arrangement that involves an employee working at a location that is not the regularly assigned workplace for a defined period of time up to one year.


  1. Supervisors are responsible for the work schedule, work location, and equipment needs of  their employees. Therefore, the supervisor is expected to manage the work of employees to ensure productivity and achievement of the College’s mission and goals.
  2. The immediate supervisor is responsible for making recommendations to the appropriate administrator regarding the approval for an employee to telework. The supervisor will ensure the Telework Agreement is executed and the original document is filed in the employee’s master file, a copy retained in the department file, and a copy given to the employee. The immediate supervisor shall notify the employee of the approval/non-approval and the basis for the decision.
  3. The supervisor is also responsible for reporting and managing any injuries incurred as a result of telework, in accordance with ACC’s policies and procedures.
  4. The Department of Regulatory Affairs is responsible for working with the supervisor to manage and document injuries of employees who telework in accordance with ACC policies and procedures.
  5. The Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, or designee, is responsible for approving the opportunities and the agreement for an employee to telework in accordance with this administrative rule and guideline/procedure.    
  6. The employee is responsible for complying with the telework arrangements and thoroughly reading and understanding the administrative rule and guideline/procedure for telework prior to signing the agreement.
  7. The Office of  Human Resources shall designate approved telework arrangements on the position job descriptions, as appropriate.

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