1. Basic District Foundations

The following Administrative Rules (AR) and Guidelines/Procedures (G/P) provide the operating principles for Austin Community College.

The AR Directory and numeric coding system were recently redesigned to align with board policies. (See more information.)

To locate an AR by the previous number, refer to the Index of Previous/New Numbers.

Number Title
1.0200.01 College Seal & Logo
1.0200.02 Publications and Printed Materials
1.0200.02.1 Publications and Printed Materials (G/P)
1.0400.02 Health Science Programs – Substance Abuse Testing
1.0400.02.1 Health Science Programs – Substance Abuse Testing (G/P)
1.0400.05 Health Services
1.0500.01 Single College Concept
1.0500.01.1 Delegation of Authority to Campuses – Developmental Communication/Math Departments (G/P)
1.0500.01.2 Delegation of Authority – Campus Representation of Departments (G/P)
1.0500.02 Department Chair Election
1.0500.02.1 Department Chair Election – Two Envelope Ballot Process (G/P)
1.0500.03 Retention Elections
1.0500.04 Course Schedule Development and Assignment of Classrooms
1.0600.01 Quality Improvement
1.0601.01 Institutional Research Review
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