Health Science Programs – Substance Abuse Testing

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Effective date: 03/06/08
Guideline/Procedure: 1.0400.02.1

Value Statement

The well being of students, patients and clients is essential to the delivery of safe health care by students in clinical settings.

Administrative Rule

The well being of patients and clients cared for by our students is of primary concern in all Health Sciences programs and a carefully designed and administered drug and alcohol misuse procedure can reduce accidents.  Therefore, the Health Sciences Department is adopting a substance abuse testing program wherein a student who is participating in clinical classes will be tested for drugs when there is reasonable suspicion that the student is under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs, i.e., drugs which are controlled substances under federal law which are not being used under the supervision of a licensed health care professional, or otherwise in accordance with the law.  Clinical agencies may establish more stringent standards to meet regulatory requirements for their facility. 

Students will be asked to submit to drug screening by their ACC clinical instructor at the expense of the college in the following circumstances:  

  1. Observable indication of actual use or impairment such as slurred speech, lack of coordination, incoherency, marijuana or alcohol odors,
  2. Possession of drugs, apparent paraphernalia or alcoholic beverages,
  3. Detailed, factual and persistent reports of misuse by multiple colleagues,
  4. Abnormal or erratic behaviors such as sudden outbursts, mood swings, hostility or unusual anxiety that suggests possible drug use or alcohol misuse,
  5. Involvement in suspicious accidents,
  6. Apparent lapses in judgment or memory, or
  7. Unusual lethargy.


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