Quality Improvement

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Board Policy Reference: AF, Institutional Effectiveness
Effective date: 08/09/12

Value Statement

In accordance with its mission and resources, the Austin Community College District (ACC) is committed to improving student success by enhancing the quality of its programs and services.

ACC is committed to evidence-based evaluation processes that result in continuous improvement of teaching, research, and learning.

ACC is committed to demonstrating effective achievement of its mission.

Administrative Rule

  1. The Vice President for Effectiveness and Accountability, with input from the appropriate shared governance bodies, is responsible for coordinating the development of college-wide quality improvement processes and administering said programs and processes. The quality improvement processes shall include:
    1. Guidelines for reviewing and revising quality improvement plans;
    2. documentation of progress toward stated goals; and
    3. documentation that quality improvement outcomes relate to the mission of the College.
  1. The Vice President for Effectiveness and Accountability shall annually evaluate the effectiveness of quality enhancement processes.
  1. The appropriate senior executives are responsible for ensuring their units engage in the quality improvement processes and use their results for improving services. 
  1. The Vice President for Effectiveness and Accountability shall produce an annual report for the President, Board of Trustees, and employee associations, regarding the effectiveness of college wide quality improvement plans.


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