Delegation of Authority to Campuses – Developmental Communication/Math Departments (G/P)

Effective date: 07/07/09

It is appropriate that certain delegations of authority under the general Administrative Rule concerning campus-based responsibilities for departments be made.

Based upon an analysis of tasks, the following guidelines relating to Section 5 of the Administrative Rule are established for use by the Developmental Communications and Math Departments:

  1. Annually, the Developmental Communications and Math Department Chairs, with the approval of the appropriate Dean, may designate individual faculty members with signature authority by campus (or even center) to handle the student placement and transfer for developmental courses and math credit classes.
  2. The Developmental Communications and Math Departments should strive to have sufficient number of individual faculty members so designated to provide coverage based upon hours of operation of the College.
  3. Faculty members so designated must be a member of the respective Department.


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