College Seal & Logo

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 10/21/13

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) will strive to be recognized as the preferred gateway to higher education and training within its service area. The College will develop and maintain unique symbols for identifying its presence both in the community it serves and in the broader field of higher education.

Administrative Rule


“Austin Community College” is the preferred term for the higher education institution and its campuses, instruction, programs, services, staff, and students.

“Austin Community College District” is the preferred term for the system by which the higher education institution is organized and governed and its geographic territory.

“ACC” is the preferred acronym representing the College’s name.

Austin Community College Seal

The ACC seal represents the official business of the College. It symbolizes a sense of tradition, quality, and the enlightening power of knowledge. However, it is not, and should not be construed or used as the College’s “logo”. Appropriate uses of the seal should be limited to the official business of the College, such as student transcripts, diplomas, and official Board actions.

Austin Community College Logo

The official logo or trademark of Austin Community College is the ACC “star” used in conjunction with the name of the College. The ACC star symbolizes vitality, growth, and progress. It speaks to the energy of knowledge unleashed when students are empowered by learning. It also represents, in the abstract, a person with arms uplifted in triumph in the pursuit of his or her educational goals.

The logo presents the College to its community of customers and should be used in all instances not covered by the College’s seal. Examples of appropriate use include:

  • Publications
  • Advertisements
  • College letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Internal correspondence (memos, etc.)
  • Campus, vehicular, and other signage
  • Name tags
  • Merchandise sold on behalf of ACC or using the College’s name and/or likeness

The ACC logo is registered with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and must be used according to the College’s approved graphic standards. Only the official, approved version(s) of the logo are appropriate for use. The Public Information and College Marketing Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining these graphic standards, reviewing external use of the marks, and providing formal signature approvals for authorized use of ACC trademarks.


The Austin Community College and “ACC” name, logo and trademarks, wordmarks, slogans and other identifying symbols are the property of the Austin Community College District and are protected by federal and local copyright laws. Commercial use and reproduction without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

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