Delegation of Authority – Campus Representation of Departments (G/P)

Effective date: 07/07/09

This procedure is provided relating to Section 6. of the Administrative Rule to implement a system of campus-based representation in large departments effective in the Spring Term, 2002.

  1. The following departments are authorized to utilize this procedure:
    1. Developmental Communication
    2. Communications
    3. Math
    4. History
    5. Government
    6. Computer Studies
  2. The departments authorized to utilize this procedure shall be reviewed annually by the appropriate Vice President.
  3. The compensation for the position of Campus Representative shall be established by the President and may vary by department.
  4. The plan of rotation, established by campus, shall provide an opportunity for every department member in the designated department, beginning with Full-time faculty to serve for a one-year term in the capacity of Campus Representative for a particular campus. This appointment may be renewed for one additional one-year term.  No person shall serve a third term before every other member of the department has been provided the opportunity to serve according to the rotational plan established.


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