Course Schedule Development and Assignment of Classrooms

Administrative Rule
Council: President
Board Policy Reference: A, Basic District Foundations
Effective date: 10/11/99

The Chief Instructional Officer of the College shall develop guidelines for course schedule development and approval process in consultation with the Marketing and Outreach Committee and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Course schedule development is recognized as a collaborative process that involves many individuals at the College with the objective of serving the educational needs of students as the overriding principle.  Based upon established guidelines, final decisions on the schedule of courses shall be made by the Chief Instructional Officer.

Research concerning past student enrollments and unmet student demand shall be utilized in the course schedule development process along with the availability of faculty with special emphasis on adjunct faculty availability under load limits as established by Administrative Rule 4.1000.03.

The course schedule development process is distinguished from the assignment of rooms to scheduled courses.  The assignment of rooms to scheduled classes is the responsibility of Campus Managers with the objective of maximizing the efficient use of classroom space as an overriding principle.

The only exception to the Campus Manager’s responsibility for room assignment exists for classes scheduled in workforce programs that are all scheduled on a single campus.  For this exception both class scheduling and room assignment shall be the responsibility of the relevant Department Chair.

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