Employment of Personnel

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: DC, Employment Practices
Effective date: 01/11/22

Value Statement

The Austin Community College (“ACC” or “the College”) values the services of employees and seeks to attract and retain excellent and effective employees. To do so, employment practices and decisions shall be administered equitably and fairly.

Administrative Rule

  1. Employees of the College are required to maintain a domicile in the State of Texas while working for the College and throughout the duration of employment. Any type of remote work or telework must be approved in advance, consistent with the College’s policies and procedures.
  2. Full-time faculty are employed on a contractual basis and shall be issued a contract in accordance with the College’s policies and procedures. All other employees are employed on a non-contractual, at-will basis. The at-will status shall be acknowledged on employment forms.
  3. New classified and professional-technical employees are employed in a probationary status for 180 days from the date of hire during which the employee is at-will and may be terminated without cause or notice. During this probationary period, the employee is not eligible to apply for other positions in the College.
  4. Administrators are hired at-will. The Chancellor may terminate an administrator, without cause, after 120 days’ notice. No disciplinary or probationary process is required.
  5. All employees are subject to the College’s performance management policies and procedures.
  6. If an individual is rehired as a full-time faculty member at the College within five years of leaving such a position, he or she shall resume the appointment status held prior to leaving faculty status.


  1. The Office of Human Resources (HR) will develop policies and procedures, manage the employment process, and ensure personnel decisions are made in accordance with College policies and procedures and state and federal laws and regulations.
  2. HR will review all personnel actions to ensure compliance with College policies and practices, and state and federal laws and regulations.
  3. The highest level administrator of an area may recommend an exception to the Texas domicile requirement. The recommendation must explain the basis for the exception, including how the exception supports the mission of the College. The exception recommendation must be approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration.

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