Assessment College Readiness for New Students

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Student Affairs Council
Board Policy Reference: E, Instruction
Effective date: 04/13/16

Value Statement

Austin Community College is committed to the success of all students and will offer appropriate placement, remediation and support for those students who are not college ready.

Administrative Rule

Students who enter ACC must meet college readiness standards established by the State of Texas. Entering students can demonstrate college-level readiness, or satisfy skills codes, in any of the following ways:

  • Obtaining an exit level score at least equal to those set by the State of Texas for college-level readiness;
  • Have an Associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited or equivalent institution;
  • Provide a transcript from a regionally accredited or equivalent institution with an earned “C” or better in the equivalent of an ACC college credit course which requires a specific skill(s) as determined by ACC (see course list);
  • Provide a transcript from a regionally accredited in-state institution showing TSI standards have been met;
  • Have an exemption(s) or exception(s) from TSI requirements as described by the State of Texas, or;
  • Demonstrate successful completion of the TSI requirement through institutional assessment of college readiness.

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