Conversion of ACC Alternative Credit Contact Hours

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Effective date: 01/18/07
Guideline/Procedure: 5.0701.03.1

Value Statement

Austin Community College believes learning occurs in a variety of instructional formats and that students should be provided flexibility in the delivery of instruction.  ACC also believes that students’ academic goals may change over time and that the College should foster those goals.  Therefore, the College supports the conversion of equivalent alternative credit contact hours to college credit.

Administrative Rule

  1. Austin Community College will allow students in alternative credit courses to be awarded college credit hours for their instructional experiences by converting alternative credit contact hours to college credit hours.
  2. In order for the alternative credit contact hours to be converted to semester credit hours, all modules of alternative credit instruction must be successfully completed for the college course or courses for which credit hours are given.
  3. College credit hours shall be allowed only for those courses currently approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and for which the College has credit-hour programs and alternative credit courses in the same discipline.
  4. The alternative credit courses for which college credit hours can be awarded will be determined by the faculty in the discipline and the appropriate alternative credit director. The courses are to be reviewed for equivalency on a routine basis.  If changes in the courses are made, courses are to be reviewed before college credit can be awarded.
  5. Alternative credit contact hours will be converted to college credit hours only at the request of the student; the credit is not awarded automatically.
  6. A designation of “CR” will be entered on the college credit transcript and the designation will not be used in overall GPA calculations.
  7. For credit conversion purposes, this policy will apply to alternative credit instruction received after September 1, 1994.

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